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Department of Public Works

New Jersey Stormwater Management Regulations are in effect state-wide and must be observed. Leaves cannot be placed at curbside prior to 7 days before your collection date and leaves must be kept a minimum of 10 ft. from any storm drain. Leaves should be placed at the curb for collection no more than 7 days before your scheduled pick up week. Work crews will collect leaves borough-wide according to the Route schedules indicated on the calendar.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Be considerate to your neighbors when raking leaves to the curbside. Strong winds can make more work for you and your neighbors!

There is no change in the Borough's Brush Pick up program. Tree limbs less than 6-inches in diameter and brush must be tied in bundles measuring no more than 4-feet in length or more than 3-feet in height and placed at the curb. Work crews will collect properly bundled tree limbs and brush according to the scheduled pick-up routes. Tree Limbs greater than 6-inches in diameter will not be collected


Click Here to View/Print: Annual Drinking Water Quality Report For the Year 2015, Results From the Year 2014


Refer to the Borough Calendar for route pick up weeks. Leaves must be placed curbside no later than the Sunday evening of your route's pick-up week.

ROUTE #1: Bedford Street, Bell Street, Church Street, Dell Road, Furnace Street, High Street, James Street, Kelly Place, King Street, Linden Avenue (S), Main Street, Maryann Terrace, New Street, Plane Lane, Plane Street, Plane View Street, Route 183, Route 206, Summit Street, Waterloo Road, Young Drive

ROUTE #2: Baker Place, Central Avenue (N), Delaware Avenue, East Drive, Elizabeth Avenue, Elm Street, Grove Road, Hickory Drive, Highland Avenue, Kingsland Avenue, Laura Court, Linden Avenue (N), Maple Terrace (W), McKinley Street, Mountain Terrace, Mountain View Road, Oak Drive, Overhill Road, Ridge Road, Sagamore Road, Spencer Street, Sunset Avenue, Valley Road, West Drive

ROUTE #3: Brooklyn Road, Canfield Street, Central Avenue (S), Coursen Street, Crestview Drive, Hazel Street, Hill Road, Hillside Avenue, Kynor Avenue, Lake Street, Lakeview Terrace, Lawrence Avenue, Lloyd Avenue, Lenape Drive, Leo Avenue, Maple Terrace (E), Musconetcong Avenue, Port Morris Avenue, Reeve Avenue, Roberts Place, Smith Street, Sparta Road, Spring Lane, Spring Street, Towpath Lane, Walton Place, Woods Avenue